Day Ten (Lydia Escobar)

Today some of us went on the Gondola. I was one of them. The view was beautiful! Katie, Jessie, Hannah and I all danced at the top. We could see Lake Louise from the top. It got so cold up there that it started to snow! In July!! After that we went to Lake Louise to pick up the guys who went hiking. Jennifer and I put our feet in the water. IT WAS SO COLD! I think today was the coldest day here.


Day Nine (Bryce Carlberg)

The Bryson was spotted in Canada. After 2 hr. of driving we made it to the border. The Wilki-May was pulled aside for inspection. The rest of the drive was uneventful. The campground was divided into 2 sections: one side had an electric fence around to keep out the wildlife and to keep the Bryson in. The other side of the river was unfenced and was home to the mothership. At night, we had Emma’s birthday celebration; we put candles in chocolate cupcakes and gave her a shirt that we all signed.


Day Eight (Ben Napier)

This morning was an early morning, we got up, ate breakfast, and loaded up the campers all before 7:30. After leaving the Rushmore KOA we headed to Devil’s Tower. The Devil’s Tower was really massive and had me in awe. Once we were done at Devil’s Tower we headed off for the site of Little Bighorn. On the way to Little Bighorn we ran into a bit of an obstacle. We came upon a road that was under construction. The road was literally dirt. What should have taken ten minutes took over an hour. Eventually we reached Little Bighorn and spent about 30 minutes there. At Little Bighorn there were many warrior graves and it was a very calm place. We left Little Bighorn and set off for the Great Falls, our last stop. A lot of crazy things happened between Little Bighorn and Great Falls. There were no bathrooms anywhere so our driver took a rest stop at the side of the road. A little farther down we stopped for pizza at an amazing place called Godfather’s Pizza. We all got the buffet there and I bought a soad just to play with the fancy soda machine. Finally at around 12:30 we arrived at camp. It was a long day, but it was a good day too.


Day Seven (Emma White)

Today was a GREAT day! Our first departure was for the Tatanka Museum, which was one of the most beautiful and interesting places I’ve ever been. After we got back to the campground, a good number of us quickly got sandwiches and went HORSEBACK RIDING!! And good news, only one of us fell off the horse! 🙂 Others of the group went hiking and swimming. The evening finally came around and we headed off to Mt. Rushmore for our performance. I was so soooo excited for this performance because it’s the first one I’ve been able to do since I hurt my ankle. Everyone did a great job! Now it’s off to bed, when I wake up it’ll be my BIRTHDAY!! Good night!


Day Six (Abigail Cope, Ian Wilkie)

(Abigail Cope)
Today we made many stops on our long journy towards Mt. Rushmore. First thing we did was pack up and left the Laura Wilder homestead. We then headed towards the Corn Palace, which smelled like heaven, in Mitchell, SD. After that we went to the famous national park, The Badlands. Even though the temperatures got to over 100 it was still an AMAZING experience. Have ou ever heard of a twon called Wall Drug? Yeah, well, you wouldn’t. It’s extremely small, but it had GREAT ice cream. We finally made it to the Mt. Rushmore KOA, which is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. All in all, a GREAT trip. I hope to hear many more of Mr. Bill’s stories about jackalopes.

(Ian Wilkie)
Another place we stopped was the Corn Palace, which sells all things corn…and then some things that are unrelated to corn, such as a rapid-fire flashlight with a magnetically attached back that turns on the light when pulled off. And there were also coonskin caps. I almost bought one, but thn we had to leave. Luckily, Wall Drug also happened to have them as well, and I bought one as a souvenier for a friend. When we got to the Rushmore KOA, I was happy to find that they didn’t have such strict swimming rules as the last KOA we visited. I will have fun here.


Day Five (Kristina Cole)

Today was a very eventful day for the Berea Festival Dancers. To kick off the day we had a service led by Tim L and we were all in our prarie costumes. After that we had a couple of injuries. It started with Anna with her foot, and then Katie tore open her cut when she was stepping up the stairs to get into the camper. Though they should recover pretty quickly. Then me and a couple of my friends went on a horse and buggy ride. And we got to go this really cute school house. Then the teacher mistook me as a dude. So that was an interesting time for me. Then at 7:10 we’re going to perform again for the pagent, so that should be fun. (the play was interesting too)


Day Four (Alyson Warren, Jonathan Taylor)

(Alyson Warren)
Today we left the KOA campground. We went to the Laura Ingles Wilder museum and performed. After that we went to a wind turbine farm and went inside a wind turbine. Then we went to the Laura Ingles Wilder homestead. I got to play with a 5 week old miniature horse, kittens, and bottle feed a calf.

(Jonathan Tayor)
After the wind turbine farm we went to the Schumeman Equipement Co. John Deere Dealership. Sadly, they would not let us drive the tractors, although we did get to climb in the cabs and look around. After that, we piled back in the cars to go to the Laura Ingles Wilder Homestead for the night.