Day Seventeen (Anna Claire Camp)

Well today was alright. We got up early and headed out to the great unknown or otherwise known as: a long boring car ride that consisted of: sleeping, slapping, attempted chit-chat, but mostly legs and butts going to sleep…yeah, fun times. But we did have two stops along the way: first we went to the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center (a small museum place about the Oregon, Californian, and Mormon trails), the second place we stopped at was the actual Oregon Trail where we could see the ruts that the wagons made. Once we all arrived at the campground we had supper then we did some dancing for some of our neighbor campers which were pretty fun if you were able to ignore the gnats.


Day Sixteen (Josh Jones)

Today we visited the Buffalo Bill Wild West museum. The museum was one of the largest museums many of us had ever been in. Even people like TJ, Ian, and others who don’t tend to like museums were thoroughly captivated throughout the building. Afterwards many of us played a game called “honey I love you, but I just can’t smile”. The afternoon was filled with hilarious moments. Soon afterwards we performed for the campground right before we headed to the Irma Hotel to perform before the shootout. The shootout was a short and relaxed skit about the west’s most famous outlaws causing trouble in a small town. After a short while the sheriff locked up an outlaw, who later reemerged as Wild Erp. After a nice pizza supper in the park the group headed down to the Cody Rodeo. The rodeo went by faster than most of us expected. We saw bronco riding, bull riding, and various forms of lassoing. Afterwards we talked for a bit and went to bed.