Day Twelve (Cassie, Anna Taylor)

This morning felt even colder than yesterday morning. At 33 degrees Fahrenheit it was so cold that some of us were happy to wash dishes just so that we could stick our hands in the hot water. We got out of the campground 30 minutes late, but that somehow morphed into two hours late by the time the last of us pulled into the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, our last stop in Canada. The Buffalo Jump is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so designated because of its significance to the Blackfoot Indians of Canada. This site is where clans gathered in great numbers to drive herds of buffalo off a cliff to kill them, a far easier task than trying to hunt them individually on foot. Because we were so late we didn’t have time to explore the whole museum, which was saddening because it had 5 levels. Instead we saw a 7 minute film on the archeological significance of this particular buffalo jump site, and then a 15 minute reenactment of a jump. Don’t worry animal lovers, no animals died in the making of the film. They used CGI for the stampede scenes. The only other part of the site we got to see was the actual jump site a few hundred feet from the interpretive center. We saw a coyote running in the field above us, but no bison. Someone in the group jokingly compared our group to a bison herd, but sadly… I mean fortunately, no one went over the edge. One random thing that surprised me about the place was that it had…a water fountain! For some reason Canadians don’t seem to believe in water fountains. Out of many shops, gas stations, and rest areas I’ve been to, only one other had a water fountain. Oh the simple things in life. As far as I know everyone made it back to the US without any trouble. The guard on duty when we went through looked like Ron Swanson, except he smiled. We thought we were on the home stretch after we crossed the border, but then the camper pulled by Bambi blew a tire. Our very own Josh and two random guys replaced it quickly. However, it did slow us down even more, and since we were faced with getting into the campground at 9:15pmish with dinner still to be prepared, Theresa authorized people getting fast food instead. Yum!
When we had breakfast, it was 33 degrees F. On the way out of Canada, we stopped at Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump and saw a 7 minute video about the historic angle, with the bones, and archeologist, and everything found at the site, ect. We then saw a 15 minute reenactment of a hunt in the area. The actual jump site was pretty cool, but then we had to go, cause we were running behind. No-one had any problems at the border, even with only one lane open.


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