Day Eleven (TJ Lawson)

Today we visited the Colombia Ice Fields. It was pretty cold (colombia ice fields, put the pieces together). We drove about 2-3 hours, and arrived in the afternoon. We hung out at the gift shop (which for a gift shop was pretty cool), then we waited outside for our bus to take us to the ice fields. Like I said before, it was really cold, and I’m not just saying that because I don’t have an inch of fat on my body. So to warm ourselves up, we did one of our Kerry sets. Our bus arrived, and our driver was a younger guy named Shane. He entertained us with his humor as he drove us to a stop where we got into a vehicle that took us to the ice fields. And I say vehicle because it was kinda hard to pinpoint what it was (half bus/half monstrous lawnmower?). Anyway, we finally got there and its beautiful. It was a big field of ice surrounded by mountains covered in snow. Some of us filled our water bottles with water from a glacier nearby (guess who forgot his water bottle?). It was colder that it had been, so we did another dance called circle waltz, and not a single person slipped. To top off our expedition, four of the guys took off their shirts, me not being one of them (you see, I’m the one with common sense ;)). Lets just say that the Canadians knew the Berea Festival Dancers and the dancing, shirtless rednecks.


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